“Hello” I heard down the Tunnel “Your mine now” a Figure Ran at me.

I soon awoke breathing heavily like in a way you would wake up in a movie if you just had a nightmare.

I was sweating like crazy. It looked to be morning so I decided to get something to eat “I’ll go make some eggs” I said to myself. After Breakfast I decided to get working on a presentation for work so I decided to go to my Windows 8 Laptop and open up Microsoft PowerPoint. When I opened it an already saved file was open but it looked horrible. I’d rather not go into details but I’ll tell you because it may have something to do with another thing that happens. It was 1 Slide and it showed a man with his eyes being taken out with a fork, his hands were chained to his feet and his teeth were being taken out 1 by 1 with a hammer. Also he was covered with blood. I almost vomited so I opened the presentation file and finished. I saved the file and I was off to work. During the conference I got ready to show off what I made.

When I opened the file and went into reader mode it showed the image again only it was animated because earlier I didn’t open reader mode

I explained that I didn’t know what happened but my boss came in and stated “I don’t know if to believe you or have you cut from the project. I can’t take any chances. Time to get the axe and cut the tree. The tree being you, I’m sorry to say but your fired Mr. Chase” “But I swear it wasn’t me who made that. I swear to god that it wasn’t me.” I said quickly. Security was soon called and escorted me out of the building. Ashamed and upset I went home to sleep. “How do you like the torture room? Isn’t it amazing?” That same voice said “I guess so” I said confused as of what I was doing here “Well you want to know where you are Nate” He said with an evil smile (The Smile was the only thing of him that was visible) “Well then time to start the torture.” He went to a near bye door that was casting light and I could make out his body shape. He was wearing a brown leather coat with 4 pockets and he was also wearing a fake wizards hat for kids. I awoke 3 Minutes after falling asleep but I awoke in a tunnel. The only thing I could do was walk. I walked for several hours seeing cut bones that look fresh, Blood and Ripped Clothing. I stood still when I saw a figure that I seemed to remember. “Hello” I heard down the Tunnel “Your mine now” the figure ran at me.