A 16 year-old girl named Raven was wandering around in the woods near her home as always. She always loved the outdoors, especially the wildlife. She always had interest in birdwatching as well. She caught sight of a crow, and silently crept up on it. When she finally got near it, the crow turned it's head toward Raven. Somehow, it didn't fly away. They stared into each other's eyes. The crow then flew off. Raven then realized that this was no ordinary crow. She then said to herself, "Now I know what I'm without....." and ran closer to the heart of the woods.

After about an hour, she found a cave. She decided to go inside. Luckily, she had a flashlight and turned it on. Thinking to herself, she realized that she should turn off her flashlight at certain points to conserve energy. She could see in the dark pretty well anyway, so she turned it off. She waited for her eyes to adjust, then continued on. She saw the crow, and ran towards it. She got near the crow, and it just stared at her. Raven thought, "How can it see into my eyes like open doors?" The crow gestured to follow it. The black-feathered bird was female. Raven followed it, only to find a corpse-filled area.

She stood there, horrified. She has no experience with violent games, since she never stays inside for long. The corpses were of foxes and deer, and humans. The crow landed on Raven's shoulder, waiting as if someone where to come. It came true, a boy walked down some steps. He was the same age as Raven. She recognized this boy as Crow. "You!" she yelled. "Ah, Raven. I've been expecting you." said Crow, in his raspy, wet voice. Raven then grabbed him by his shirt and said, "Now I'll tell you what I've done for you!" She punched Crow's face with her free hand, and dropped him. "It ends now! I've been frozen inside all along because of you!" Raven took a knife out of a small satchel she was carrying and stabbed Crow in his arm lightly, and he started to bleed. Raven stabbed his other arm, and dragged a cut down. He was heavily bleeding now. Crow said, dying, "What is this red liquid coming from my arms?" Raven replied, "It's blood. You're bleeding. About to die." Crow died seconds after. Raven drew back her knife, and put it back into the satchel. The black-feathered bird stood there, mesmerized. Then it spoke, "Thank you. You've freed me from my curse." Raven was mindblown as the bird flew off. She turned back to go home.


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